ARTS Microwave Single Scattering Properties Database

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Robin Ekelund
Patrick Eriksson, Jana Mendrok, Manfred Brath
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Types of particles

pristine crystals, rimed aggregates, aggregates


34 frequencies, in the range of [1, 886] GHz

Scattering properties

Full phase function


Volume equivala[10, 5000] um


190, 230 270

Random orientations?


Shapefiles included?


Scattering method(s)


Scattering method details

ADDA v1.2


The database contains microwave single scattering data, mainly of ice hydrometeors. Main applications lie in microwave remote sensing, both passive and active. Covered hydrometeors range from pristine ice crystals to large aggregates, graupel and hail, 34 types in total. Furthermore, 34 frequencies from 1 to 886 GHz, and 3 temperatures, 190, 230 and 270 K, are included. The main article orientation is currently totally random (i.e. each orientation is equally probable), but the database is designed to also handle azimuthally orientation, and data for this orientation case will be added in the future. Mie code was used for the two completely spherical habits, while the bulk of data were calculated using the discrete dipole approximation method (DDA). Interfaces for easy user access is available under a separate upload, due to different licensing, under the title ARTS Microwave Single Scattering Properties Database Interfaces. Interfaces in MATLAB and Python are available, supporting browsing and importing of the data. There is also functionality for extracting data for usage in RTTOV.

Description of the work

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