Dielectric Properties

List of dielectric properties models for ice, water and possibly other materials

Turner-Kneifel_Cadeddu (TKC) Model for super-cooled liquid water absorption

We have used the dataset complied by Kneifel et al., JAMC, 2014 and the available laboratory measurements to develop a new absorption model that is consistent across all microwave frequencies and temperatures ranging from -30 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius (Turner et al. 2016). This new model has uncertainties of less than 15% due to uncertainties in its coefficients. It also results in a more consistent treatment of absorption across different microwave wavelengths, and thus greatly improves the accuracy of LWP retrievals.

Iwabuchi and Yang 2011

Recent review of the available models and databases for pure ice (Ih) and water dielectric properties. Temperature dependence is mainly investigated

Mätzler 2006

General book covering various aspects of microwave remote sensing including models for ice and water dielectric properties. Water also includes salinity levels as a free parameter