Collection of applications

Title Description
Ori et al (2020) Numerical weather prediction model output is compared with multi-frequency, Doppler, radar observations. The statistical comparison reveal discrepancies in the cloud structure that are suggesting the presence of some inaccuracies in the modeled ice properties
Barrett et al (2019) Use of triple-frequency spectral radar measurements to retrieve snow PSD and detect rapid aggregation processes
Mason et al (2019) Analysis of the relative effect PSD shape and snowflake microstructure on multifrequency radar signature of snowfall
Leinonen et al (2018) Algorithm that retrieves the size, number concentration and density of falling snow from multifrequency radar observations
Falconi et al (2018) Closure study between ground observations and X-Ka-W band radar mesurements using BAECC data
Tridon et al (2018) closure of airborne in-situ observations with triple-frequency radar data
Mason et al (2018) Retrieval of riming degree from multifrequency Doppler measurements using BAECC data
Kneifel et al (2016) First evaluation of the synergistic use of multifrequency and Doppler radar observations to constrain snow microphysics