Measurement sites map

Title Description
TRIPEx campaigns TRIPEx multifrequency and polarimetric radar campaigns
JOYCE-CF site JOYCE-CF observation supersite
TOSCA campaign Towards an Optimal estimation based Snow Characterization Algorithm
Hyytiälä Hyytiälä forestry field station multifrequency radar, microwave radiometer and ground observations
UFS (Zugspitze) The historic german research station Schneefernerhaus with a very long record of cloud measurements
OLYMPEx Collect detailed atmospheric measurements that will be used to evaluate how well rain-observing satellites measure rainfall and snowfall from space
Chilbolton Radar at 4 frequencies, lidar, microwave radiometer and meteorological measurements
BRW Barrow Host to numerous cooperative research projects from around the world
Summit (Greenland) Greenland arctic station, host of the ICECAPS experiment
BAECC (Hyytiälä) Snowfall ground observations combined with multifrequency radar/radiometer cloud profiling at Hyytiälä forestry field station, winter 2014
AWARE (West Antarctica) The ARM West Antarctic Radiation Experiment, a joint US Department of Energy and US Antarctic Program field campaign