Software Collection

collection of software
Title Description
libicedb icedb is a library and set of programs that manipulate snow scattering databases and standardize their format
aggregation A Python code for generating 3D models of aggregate and rimed snowflakes.
DDSCAT Fortran code for calculating scattering and absorption of light by irregular particles and periodic arrangement of irregular particles.
ADDA C software to calculate scattering and absorption of electromagnetic waves by particles of arbitrary shape and composition using DDA
pytmatrix A Python code for computing the scattering properties of homogeneous nonspherical scatterers with the T-Matrix method.
SNOWPORT Online reference portal for scattering theory and codes
snowScatt Python package to compute scattering and microphysical properties of snowflakes ensambles. Use Self-Similar Rayleigh-Gans Approximation and snowflake aggregation models
PAMTRA Passive and Active Microwave TRANsfer in a plan parallel horizontally homogeneous atmosphere with hydrometeors
ARTS radiative transfer model for the millimeter and sub-millimeter spectral range
CRTM Community Radiative Transfer Model
CR-SIM Cloud Resolving Model Radar Simulator
RTTOV Radiative Transfer for TOVS is a very fast radiative transfer model for passive visible, infrared and microwave satellite measurements