Passive and Active Microwave TRANsfer in a plan parallel horizontally homogeneous atmosphere with hydrometeors


Mario Mech, Maximilian Maahn and others


Mech, M., Maahn, M., Kneifel, S., Ori, D., Orlandi, E., Kollias, P., Schemann, V., and Crewell, S.: PAMTRA 1.0: A Passive and Active Microwave radiative TRAnsfer tool for simulating radiometer and radar measurements of the cloudy atmosphere, Geosci. Model Dev. Discuss.,, in review, 2020.

PAMTRA is unique as it treats passive and active radiative transfer (RT) in a consistent way with the passive forward model providing up- and down-welling polarized brightness temperatures and radiances for arbitrary observation angles. The active part is capable of simulating the full radar Doppler spectrum and its moments. PAMTRA is designed to be flexible with respect to instrument specifications, interfaces to many different formats of in- and output type, especially CRMs, spanning the range from bin-resolved microphysical output to one- and two-moment schemes, and to in situ measured hydrometeor properties. A specific highlight is the incorporation of the self-similar Rayleigh--Gans Approximation (SSRGA) both for active and passive applications which becomes especially important for the investigation of frozen hydrometeors.

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