Scattering Databases

Collection of published scattering databases
Title Description
ARTS database ARTS single scattering database of realistically shaped ice and liquid hydrometeors
scatdb A database for single scattering properties of randomly oriented pristine crystals and aggregates
Johnson et al. (2016) An investigation on the scattering properties of melting snow aggregates
Tyynela series Several studies on the microwave scattering and absorption properties of frozen hydrometeros
Leinonen series Several studies on the scattering properties of a large number of aggregates of pristine crystals and rimed particles
ARM (PennState) A large database of single scattering properties at fixed orientations including polarization
OpenSSP (NASA) NASA database of microwave single scattering properties of frozen hydrometeors
Botta (2010) An investigation on the scattering properties of snow aggregates and preliminary study on the properties of melted particles at microwave frequencies
Ori (2014) A study on the microwave scattering properties of aggregates of column and the effect of initial melting
Ding (2016) Single scattering properties of various ice shapes. Investigation on the effect of the temperature to refractive index and radiative properties
Petty and Huang (2010) A investigation of the scattering properties of realistic aggregates of dendrites and needles compared to soft-sphere methods