ARTS database

ARTS single scattering database of realistically shaped ice and liquid hydrometeors


Robin Ekelund; Manfred Brath; Jana Mendrok; Patrick Eriksson


Eriksson, P., R. Ekelund, J. Mendrok, M. Brath, O. Lemke, and S. A. Buehler (2018), A general database of hydrometeor single scattering properties at microwave and sub-millimetre wavelengths, Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 10, 1301–1326, doi: 10.5194/essd-10-1301-2018.

Brath, M., R. Ekelund, P. Eriksson, O. Lemke, and S. A. Buehler (in review), Microwave and submillimeter wave scattering of oriented ice particles, Atmos. Meas. Tech., doi:10.5194/amt-2019-382.

Particle types

Pristine plates and columns, aggregates of plates and columns, bullet rosettes, fractal aggregates, graupel


10 microns to 22 millimeters


From 1 to 884.6 GHz


total random orientations and azimuthally random orientations (with multiple canting angles)


190, 230, 270 K

Scattering method


The database contains microwave single scattering data, mainly of ice hydrometeors. Main applications lie in microwave remote sensing, both passive and active. Covered hydrometeors range from pristine ice crystals to large aggregates, graupel and hail, 34 types in total. Furthermore, 34 frequencies from 1 to 886 GHz, and 3 temperatures, 190, 230 and 270 K, are included. The main article orientation is currently totally random (i.e. each orientation is equally probable), but the database has been extended to azimuthally orientation for some particle shapes . Mie code was used for the two completely spherical habits, while the bulk of data were calculated using the discrete dipole approximation method (DDA).

The database is complemented by software codes to easily navigate and extrapolate the data

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