TRIPEx campaigns

TRIPEx multifrequency and polarimetric radar campaigns


X-, Ka-, W-band radars, HATPRO microwave radiometer, radiosonde and other ground and remote sensing weather instrumentation


Stefan Kneifel and the OPTIMICe reasearch group


Dias Neto, J., Kneifel, S., Ori, D., Trömel, S., Handwerker, J., Bohn, B., et al. (2019). The TRIple-frequency and Polarimetric radar Experiment for improving process observations of winter precipitation. Earth System Science Data, 11(2), 845–863.
TRIPEX was the first  a 2-month dataset of ground-based triple-frequency (X, Ka, and W band) Doppler radar observations during the winter season obtained at the Jülich ObservatorY for Cloud Evolution Core Facility (JOYCE-CF) in 2015/2016.
TRIPEx-pol was a follow-on campaign of the first triple-frequency campaign (TRIPEx; Dias Neto et al., 2019) including a new X Band Doppler profiling radar with enhanced sensitivity. JOYCE-CF was recently extended to a full triple-frequency radar site including permanent installations of X, Ka, and W band cloud Doppler radars. In addition, a number of auxiliary sensors including a Pluvio rain gauge and Parsivel optical disdrometer are installed only a few meters from the radars.
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